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Automotive filter paper laboratory double ring filter paper introduction


Filter paper is a kind of filter tool commonly used in chemical laboratories. Its common shape is round and it is mostly made of cotton fiber.

Double-loop qualitative filter paper covers a wide range of laboratory applications and is often used for the clarification of liquids, as well as for the qualitative separation of sediments.

In the industrial production of filtration, it is often used to separate solid substances or extract liquid from the relevant liquid, not as an analysis of filter paper, but as paper filter material, from the western medicine liquid coarse filtration, Chinese patent medicine coarse filtration, fine filtration, to chemical products filtration, electroplating industry filtration.

Large qualitative filter paper is mainly used for slag removal and filtration in industrial production. Qualitative double loop filter paper: double loop filter paper is mainly used for laboratory routine analysis and testing. Quantitative filter paper: Double loop filter paper is used for routine quantitative analysis in laboratory and industrial production. Enhanced filter paper: suitable for some users who require higher strength of filter paper.


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